HVAC Duct Repair in Houston TX

HVAC Duct Repair of Houston TX

Houston HVAC Duct Repair

HVAC ducts are the lungs of your house, conducting all the air from the air conditioning unit, day and night. Because of the excessive use, many Houston homeowners need HVAC duct repair or duct replacement altogether. Through the years, HVAC ducts will deteriorate or have microbial growth from normal use, in the extremely humid Houston TX climate. High humidity will almost guarantee mold growth will appear somewhere in the HVAC duct system in the life of the home.

Apart from mold growth that requires mold removal, HVAC ducts could be damaged or degrade due to many reasons. To learn more, keep reading bellow.

When Do You Need HVAC Duct Repair?

Houston homeowners need to consider HVAC duct repair or duct replacement when the inner surface of the ducts become infected with mold or bacteria, or the structural integrity of the ducts are damaged from some reason. So when do you need to have HVAC duct repaired?

Microbial Infestation – Mold growth is the most common reason for HVAC duct repair in Houston TX. The high humidity in the air is exacerbated by the humidity the AC coil produces, and a perfect environment for mold is produced. Mold colonies will grow on the interior walls of the ducts and will contaminate the air. Unlike common belief, air duct cleaning alone will not completely remove the mold and will grow back if not repaired.

Structural Damage – Humidity is not only a mold catalyst, it could also corrode the metal inside flexible ducts or metal ducts. When the ducts integrity is compromised, it will collapse under its own weight and block air flow. In cases like that, HVAC duct repair will have to be duct replacement.

Animal Damage – Unsecured attics are a good place for wild animals to nest. In some cases, the animals will often chew or shred the HVAC ducts and will destroy the pressure sensitive duct system by breaching the walls of the ducts.

Old Ducts – When duct mature, they will often deteriorate and crumble. It is recommended to replace the HVAC ducts after 20 years if no damage occurred before that.


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