Duct Removal Due To Animal Damage

Duct Removal - Animal Damage

Wild Life in Attic Lead to Duct Removal

If you own a home, chances are you’ve heard weird and creepy noises coming from the attic space. If it’s an old, 18th century home, you might want to call an exorcist… but for the rest of us, we probably have some wild life hanging out or building a nest. After all, why wouldn’t they? Its dry, comfy, and insulation makes the perfect nesting material of all.

New building codes make it hard for animals to gain access to your home’s attic, but older homes may have some parts of the barriers deteriorated, making it easy for wild life to enter. While you can fix the entry points and prevent future problems, you must first make sure the attic is free of animals. The only thing worst then having animals in your attic is having dead animals in your attic! Entry points are also an exit. Animals use the exit to fetch food and water, unless you use your attic as a food storage for some reason, closing the exit will eventually cause the death of the animals and possibly damage to your attic when trying to get out.

 Trapped Animal Will Destroy Your Attic

A trapped animal would do anything to find a way out, chowing through walls, air ducts, insulation or wood. In many cases, possums where destroying air ducts and actually finding their way into the home from the HVAC unit. This would set you back in duct removal and duct replacement for the damaged areas, not to mention mental distress from finding an angry possum in your living room.

If you don’t want to deal with it, just call your local animal control company that can trap the animal safely and possibly release it back to the wild. Just make sure you seal all entrances before you do that, animals tend to go back to their home, just like humans do.

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