Air Duct Treatments

Before & After Duct Mold Removal Treatment

Air Duct Treatments and Repair

Regular HVAC use would cause dust buildup that, if not cleaned, could develop into mold and mildew. Houston is a very humid area, what makes mold development in air ducts a very common problem. Most flexible ducts are not mold resistant so an air duct cleaning service is needed to maintain the ducts.  If mold is detected during the cleaning, a mold treatment is recommended to be preformed. Although this might remediate the mold, it will not prevent from mold to regrow.


Mold Resistant Treatment

Air duct cleaning and mold remediation is very important, but will not prevent mold from forming in your air ducts. Our revolutionary mold resistant treatment is the

best way to prevent mold in air ducts without the need of constant chemical treatments. The treatment is a mold resistant coating applied on the inside of the ductwork and prevent mold from growing.