Air Duct Replacement in Houston TX

Air Duct Replacement

Many old Houston homes have the same air quality problem. After years of running the AC with the Texas heat, mold will grow if you like it or not. In most cases, air duct replacement will be the best option to remedy the problem.

Duct With Mold

Air ducts conduct all of our air in our homes. If they should get contaminated with mold or bacteria, the air it conducts is becoming contaminated too. This simple notion makes any Houston homeowner understand the importants of maintaining your duct system with routine cleaning. But some older homes are too far-gone and no amount of cleaning would be able to decontaminate the ducts, in those cases you might want to think about replacing the ducts with new ones and call a professional air duct replacement company.

Houston Texas Climate

Houston’s heat and moisture makes it a perfect breading ground for mold and bacteria. Air ducts are pruned to even more mold growth because air conditioning systems produce condensation that builds on the air duct walls, making it hard for mold NOT to grow.

After mold is infesting your duct system, the only real solution is to preform air duct replacement to your Houston home.


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